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Ferruginous pygmy owl (Photo by Allison Russell)

A Little Birdie Told Us

"Allison and Arturo were patient the whole time and I loved their enthusiasm which reflected ours with each sighting. They truly do love what they do and we felt their excitement with each discovery; at one point we were all so excited that we couldn’t wait to see what we were going to discover in the next tree."

Yucatán Today

Tour Overview

This tour takes place at the Acuaparque, a former quarry that transformed into an urban park with a large pond where migratory and resident birds congregate to search for food and rest. As we walk through the park we will look for a variety of terrestrial and aquatic species such as herons, warblers, motmots, doves and raptors like ospreys and roadside hawks. The tour concludes with resting in a shaded alcove that has a view of surrounding trees and the vast lake, where we will keep our eyes peeled for the resident snail kite, kingfishers, ibises and limpkins.

Destination: Acuaparque de Vergel in Mérida

Duration: 4-5 hours

Birds: Snail kite, hawks, warblers, limpkin, American coot, herons, egrets, grebe, kingfishers, ferruginous pygmy owl

Terrain: Flat, vast, sunny with shade (challenge level: 1/5)

Accessibility: Adults, seniors, children, groups, individuals

Attire Recommendations: Breathable clothing, wide-brimmed hat, boots or sneakers

Price: Starts at $55 USD ($1000 MXN)

Tour Scheduling

Mérida Urban Birding tours are offered daily, Sunday through Saturday. You choose the day that best suits your schedule! We kindly ask for at least 48 hours notice and confirmation via deposit before the desired tour date.

Contact us via WhatsApp at +52 999-650-5925 or send us an email at hola@colectivocardenales.com, to inquire about availability.

Included in Your Tour

Binoculars & Guides

A pair of binoculars for each guest is included in the price of your tour. If you're new to using binoculars, we will review how to use them before the tour begins. We also provide guide books for reference during all tours.


If you are staying in Mérida, we will pick you up from your lodging and drop you off after the tour ends. If you are outside of Mérida, we will pick you up and drop you off at a designated meeting point.

Snacks & Refreshments

We will always have cold water available during your tour, in addition to a selection of beverages and snacks of your choice. We will confirm your food and drink preferences prior to your tour.

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